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Mental Illness: Causes and Treatment Options

Mental illness can turn someone’s life inside up. Battling with depression, irrational fears, awful thoughts, and emotions is not an easy undertaking. If you or someone you know is showing signs of a mental problem, seek immediate medical help by searching “mental health doctor near me” on the web.

What is Mental/Psychological Disorder

Mental illness or psychological disorder is any condition that impacts a person’s behaviour and way of living in general. Mental illness severity varies depending on the type of illness and the treatment done. If a person with a psychological diagnosis is not given appropriate treatment, he will have significant difficulties in getting by with life. Thus, if you know somebody who might need mental health treatment, look for an experienced mental health friendly GP in your local area.

Root Causes of Mental Disorder

  • Biochemical Imbalance – Certain mental health issues are associated with the imbalance of brain chemical known as Neurotransmitters. They play an important role in brain communication and if these chemicals are unbalanced, information may have a hard time reaching the brain, resulting to symptoms of psychological disorder.
  • Genetics – Several mental illnesses can be inherited by children from their parents through genes. However, having a relative with a mental disorder does not always mean you also have one. But the probability is higher as compared to if your family has no history of mental illnesses. Thus, if you know that mental health issues run in your family, seek professional advice by searching “mental health doctor near me” on the internet.
  • Environmental Stresses – Certain environmental aggravators such as domestic abuse, dysfunctional relationships with family or a loved one, job or school pressures, or death, etc. can provoke symptoms of an underlying mental disorder.
  • Previous Traumatic Experience – Some psychological sicknesses are caused by post-traumatic happenings that a person can’t leave behind. Accidents, physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, a death of a loved one, etc. can trigger mental disability. A person suffering from trauma must seek medical help from mental health doctors.

Mental Health Treatments

  • Psychotherapy – is one of the most recommended treatment options for mental disorder symptoms such as those of Depression. Psychotherapy takes in the form of various therapeutic strategies.
  • Medication – is basically done simultaneously with Psychotherapy. It is offered to both outpatients and inpatients. You may check your local mental health clinic Brisbane-based if they offer this treatment option.
  • Hospitalization – a person showing severe mental issue symptoms such as hallucinations, not sleeping and eating enough, or having suicidal thoughts or actions, are advised to be admitted to a psychiatric asylum.
  • ECT – Electro Conclusive Therapy is a non-medication treatment that aids severe mental disorder symptoms. This is usually done after an unsuccessful Psychotherapy and medication treatment.


Dealing with mental illness is easier said than done. The symptoms can take a huge toll on a person’s day to day life. If you know someone struggling with mental health problems, do your part by searching for an exceptional physician. You can type “mental health doctor near me” on Google or visit