Job Spotlight: After Hours GP’s

Due to the mortal nature of the physical human body, medical mishaps and emergencies can happen anytime. It doesn’t choose the time that it will strike, you will only know that it’s there if it’s already there. Therefore having a reliable after hours GP is an important thing especially if you are someone who is suffering from a chronic and life threatening condition. Even if you don’t have that kind of medical condition, it is still important to have somebody examine and diagnose you when emergency strikes. So, what does an emergency GP (general practitioner) do? To find out more about it, read on to this article.

after hours gp


The job description

A GP or a general practitioner is a healthcare professional that administers the sick, diagnoses sicknesses, prescribes drugs and provides health care education to patients. To cut the story short, he or she is a medical doctor that doesn’t have an area of specialization yet. Despite that, this does not stop an after hours GP from being a full bonafide doctor of medicine.

An after hours GP on the other hand is a general practitioner that still offers his services even after regular office hours. This means that if a medical accident or mishap occur, you can call him right away and have the patient checked and have him taken care of and diagnosed.

The education requirement

The doctors after hours Brisbane has went through four years of pre-med, four years of med school proper and a couple years of residency (in most countries). In Australia, over the past decades, the educational requirement for general practitioners have varied a lot. The most basic required one is a six year Bachelor of Medicine degree or Bachelor of Surgery. Over the last few years, Australia has caught up with the worldwide trend where a previous bachelor’s degree such as biology, nursing or any pre med course is attained first then followed by a four year post graduate medicine program.

After graduating from their respective schools, these young bloods are required at least one year worth of internship from a public or private hospital. After that, they can now be registered as new general practicing physicians. Most of the newly registered med school grads usually go through a non-vocational residency in a private or public hospital that usually lasts for a year or more.

One more thing that these new registered doctors need to go through before they can be rebated by the government via the healthcare system is by going through the training that is given by both the Fellowship of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Fellowship of Australian College of Rural and Remote medicine.

Scope of work

After hours doctors surgery works are allowed if they are done on minor ones like simple incisions and stitches. All major surgeries should be conducted by only registered surgeons and specialists. The after hours GP Brisbane has at present is also allowed to prescribe and administer general anesthesia especially on accidents that require surgeries but are not necessarily major surgeries.