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How to Choose the Shape and Cut of Diamond Rings

There are several factors to consider that make shopping for diamond engagement rings Melbourne shops have. However, the pressure of wanting to please your partner with your choice makes it even more overwhelming. One way to help you find the right type of diamond ring to give her is to look at its basic features, like the cut of the diamond and the shape. These are two of the most basic features to look for because these two also impact the way the ring looks.
Guide to Diamond Shapes
To give you an idea, you need to brush up on the basic shapes when buying from diamond engagement rings Melbourne has today:
Round: This is the most popular shape for diamond rings sold locally and online. In fact, it ranks number one for those who are shopping for diamond rings.
Square: There are several variations for square cut shaped diamond rings. Among the famous rectangular and square diamond shapes are princess cut, emerald cut and radiant cut. A princess cut is typically square shaped while emerald cut diamonds come with clipped corners. Therefore, the clipped corner provides a secure spot for holding the diamond in place. Lastly, a radiant cut diamond is shaped like an emerald cut but the former has a different faceting. This makes the diamond sparkle more brightly.
Oval: This particular shape has earned its popularity among engagement ring shoppers because it allows for the diamond to be featured prominently.
Pear: The beauty with this type of diamond shape is that there are different proportions with which you can use. Some pear shaped diamonds look like a teardrop in shape while others are more elongated. However, an extra prong is required with this type of shape in order to secure the diamond in place.
Heart: This is not very common but is preferred by those who like to take their engagement rings to the next level. Like the pear shaped diamond, you need an extra prong in order to protect the corners of the diamond.
About Diamond Cuts
Now that you have brushed up on common diamond shapes, it is important to know that the cut of the diamond is different. Diamond cuts and shapes are not one and the same. The cut of a diamond refers to the proportions of the diamond that is placed into the ring. This means that the cut actually refers to the depth, width and the overall facet of your diamond ring. These characteristics are vital when shopping for a ring because they determine the brilliance and durability of your diamond ring. These factors also have a direct impact on the overall carat weight and price of the ring. The color and clarity of a diamond is not maximized if the diamond is not properly cut. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide
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