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Here’s How Employers Care About The Health And Safety Of Workers

As employers, they should provide the best interests of their employees for satisfaction and productivity. In workplaces that involve harmful gases and materials, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their safety and security. In doing so, they need to find medical professionals to conduct respirator fit testing Gold Coast experts recommend.

Respirator vs. ventilator

Many people are confused about the difference between a respirator and a ventilator. To clear things up, respirators are mask-like devices that are worn for the mouth and nose. It is a form of PPE or personal protective equipment that protects workers from breathing in harmful substances such as fogs, mists, gases, vapours, specks of dust, and sprays.

Safety officers have always advocated the need for respirator fit testing Gold Coast has today. This is to ensure the efficiency of issued respirators to reduce the risk of substance-related illnesses.

Ventilators, on the other hand, is a machine that helps patients breathe. It helps pump oxygen into the lungs and remove the carbon dioxide through a specialised tube. The process of using a ventilator on a patient is called intubation.

The need for a respirator fit test

Many establishments questioned the need for respirators and respirator fit testing Gold Coast employers recommend. Some believed that this is a waste of time and resources. Safety specialists note otherwise. See more at Resile

According to their studies, employers in hazardous workplaces are at risk of acquiring asthma, cancer, and organ failure. In recent findings, researchers have found that volatile materials have a direct effect on the nervous system which could cause permanent damage. In compliance with the clinical governance policy, employees need to undergo regular respirator fit testing to reduce the risk of developing these diseases.

This process does not only include fit testing but also fitness for duty assessment. Before an employee enters a hazardous workplace, medical professionals need to assess the general health and well-being of the individual. During this process, they examine different health risks that may be aggravated by the environment. This includes diabetes, hypertension, lung diseases, and other illnesses.

Types of respirators

Depending on the nature of work, there are two types of respirators you issued by medical professionals. The first category involves the air-purifying respirators. From the name itself, these are PPEs that purifies the air before you breathe it using specialised canisters or cartridges. Examples of this type are articulate masks, gas masks, and powered air respirators.

The second category of respirators is the supplied air respirators. This is a type of PPE that connects you to an outside air tank or air supply. Supplied air respirators are issued in work environments that put employees at risk of oxygen deprivation. Examples of these respirators include emergency escape apparatus, self-contained apparatus, and airline respirators.

Respirators are important to employees’ health and safety, especially in hazardous environments. Employers have realised that respirator fit testing helps assure the wellbeing of employees. Hence, the need to find medical professionals to conduct the process regularly. If you’re looking for a reliable company that conducts respirator fit testing and fit for work medical, visit this site to learn more