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Easing back pain with office chairs

In 2012, De Hidde Van der Ploeg, a senior research fellow at the university of Sydney’s school of Public Health in Australia told TIME’s health land that sitting for long hours can result into low back pains or make a back pain that already exists much worse. He said the reason for this is the fact that sitting usually limits a person to a static position which serves to increase stress in the back region, shoulders, and legs as well as adds pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. Similarly, many physicians say that people who sit for prolonged hours tend to slouch over or down the chair; both of these stretch the spinal ligaments which could lead to damage of the spinal structures and play a big role in worsening back pains. However, when an office chair is used correctly, a person can achieve maximum support and maintain a good posture as well.

While owning good office chairs is a step towards the right direction, adjusting them to the right proportion to suit the individual body is of equal importance.

Setting up office chairs

The first step usually is establishing the desired height of the individual’s desk.  It’s usually determined by the nature of work to be done as well as the height of the person that is using the office chair. After putting the workstation in place, it’s up to the user to adjust the chair into a position that sits well with their physical proportions. Some of the things you should look at while doing this include adjusting the chair to a position where your elbows will comfortably sit at a 90-degree angle, looking at the thigh measure, calf measure, as well as the low back support. Also pay attention to the armrest and your resting eye level such that you can comfortably view everything at your work desk. Keep adjusting until you find the comfortable spot.

Stay active to reduce back pain

While having a good office chair will help reduce some back pain, remember that sitting down for prolonged hours is not healthy. Therefore, it’s important to avoid keeping the back in a position that it’s static for too long. Therefore, you should keep standing, stretching and walking at intervals around the office. This will help blood to flow, which is responsible for bringing important nutrients to all the spinal structures. Additionally, moving around will help to keep the joints, ligaments as well as tendons loose. This will go a long way in providing the comfort and relaxation that you need. All this will culminate into you being able to focus productively at your workplace.

The importance of having a good sitting posture for helping in the rectification of back problems cannot be emphasized enough.  Similarly, a good sitting posture plays a significant role in affecting the productivity of a worker at the office. You can find great office chairs in the market today that are designed bearing in mind the backbone structure of a human being to provide the comfort and support you need to engage in your daily work obligations.

For more information on the type of chairs you should buy, simply log on to the internet.