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Dorm Life: Amazing Survival Tips in Student Dormitories

Living in Brisbane Central student accommodation dorms can be challenging for most students. Aside from living far away from their families, living with strangers can spice up college life. However, living in Brisbane’s Central Business District can be quite an advantage if you look at it carefully.

Staying in college dorms affects every student differently. It can be productive for some students but counterproductive for others. But, you can improve your quality of living if you commit to some changes in your dorm life.

Here are several survival tips to keep your dorm life as happy as ever:

Find your schedule

If your student accommodation in South Bank University is near your college building, you tend to be sluggish in preparing for school. After all, you might say, “My classroom is just five minutes away. Why should I hurry?”

Thus, you must have a schedule in place. Being near your school reduces travel time, and it should increase your productive time. That’s why a schedule can help you maximise available time.

Your schedule should focus on what you do after class. If classes start eight and ends at three in the afternoon, you must know what to do after that.

Change study venues from time to time

Let’s say you’re staying at a student accommodation near UQ. Studying in your room all the time can make you feel lazy or uninterested. What must be the reason for this?

Well, seeing the same room every time you study can make things boring. You would find your room counterproductive for studying. To solve this problem, you should change your study venue now and then.

Instead of studying at your desk, go to the public study area. Every Brisbane student accommodation South Bank University locations must have student lounges. Study at the student lounge, and maybe you’ll meet new friends. Take a look at Student One

Talk to your roommates about problems

If things are getting out of hand, it is best to communicate your frustrations to your roommates. Though it is not an easy thing to do, becoming open to your roommates can make you less stressed.

If they’re noisy, tell them politely to lower down their voices. If you and your roommates have cleaning schedules, follow your schedule. If ever your roommates deliberately ignore the cleaning tasks, remind them in a friendly way.

Relax and unwind

Many recreational areas surround most Central student accommodation in South Bank University vicinity. During weekends, you can go on a whole-body massage to release the stress of one class week.

You can go for walks in the park if you want to commune with nature. However, you may also drop by the mall to check on cool stuff. Aside from window shopping, you can watch movies on cinemas or play games at the arcade.

When you live in a central business district, there are a lot of places to explore. At Student One, the best Brisbane Central student accommodation you will be able to explore and enjoy Brisbane at its finest. Make your college life memorable at Student One. For enquiries, visit their website at