Buying Shop Fridges? 4 Factors To Consider

From the family-run restaurants and small-time convenience stores to large institutional cafeterias, supermarkets, and grocery stores, commercial shop fridges for sale both improve the speed and quality of service while saving some money.

Since fridges will be the most heavily-used appliance in your shop, it is crucial that you consider these factors, so you find the one that perfectly fits your needs.

shop fridges for sale

  1. Sizing Requirement

If you are buying a shop fridge to replace your old one, then you already have a good idea of how much storage you will need. However, when this is your first time buying commercial shop fridges for sale or upgrading to a larger one, then you need to determine the right size your need.

Consider a fridge with enough space to cope up with the busiest service. It is better to choose one that is too large than something too small and risk the food and products you store going to waste.

However, something too big can take up too much of your store’s space as well as increasing running costs. In addition, when comparing fridges, take a look at the Net Capacity since it is the fridge’s total usable space.

  1. Compressor Positioning

Since the fridge’s compressor helps draw in ambient air in order to regulate the temperatures inside, the warmer the incoming air is, the harder for the compressor to work.

And there are 2 different locations of compressors that most freezers and fridge for sale Sydney appliance stores have. With each working better in specific environments.


This type pulls warmer air in, making it suitable for cooler environments. IT is less accessible for service or cleaning, however, it does not take up that much storage space. In addition, a top-mounted compressor is less likely to clog than its bottom-mounted counterpart.


This type pulls cooler air in, making it suitable for hotter environments. It does occupy some storage space, however, the bottom shelves are higher and quite easier to reach.

Due to its location, a bottom-mounted compressor is more likely to be clogged with flour, dust, and grease from the floor.

  1. The Door

Whether you need a bar fridge for sale Brisbane offers or require storage solutions like the upright freezers for sale Melbourne has, the fridge’s door/s will make a difference in terms of accessibility and convenience.

There are various types of fridge door design and have their own pros and cons.


These are the traditional door design with the stay-open style making it easier for unloading and loading inventory. However, due to its swing-to-open design, it can block traffic flow in the kitchen or other areas with limited space.


These are reach-in fridges with both rear and front doors. They are usually located between server stations and kitchen prep areas. This allows your kitchen staff to plate, prepare and store cold food items such as deserts for wait staff to get and serve as needed.


To eliminate the blocking of traffic flow that traditional fridge door causes, fridges make use of sliding doors. These are 2-door fridges that allow you to slide one to the other side to open.

  1. To See Or Not To See?

Another thing you need to consider is whether you want to showcase your food items for customers to see or generally hide it to the public.

The answer will depend on the function of the fridge. If you are running a bakeshop, restaurant or self-service convenience stores then fridges with glass doors that allow customers to see the contents are the best option.

However, if you are only using the fridge as a storage solution for uncooked food items and ingredients and will stay in your shop’s kitchen, then a fridge with a solid door is the choice for you.

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Comfortable Padding

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Employ a second hand drinks icebox for your events and activities

A pleasurable celebration would not be complete without cold drinks being served. It could be soft drink, cola, beer, wine or even easy shakes among others.

Problem is, maybe it’s difficult to keep your products cool through your celebration? Especially if you do not have enough freezer place to put on lots of containers and cans.

Moreover, investing in a ice box only for an event is understandably an incorrect choice. Fortunately, you can hire a second hand drinks fridge from cold storage company providers to solve your problem.

second hand drinks fridge

Why hire a secondhand drinks fridge for your parties and events

Having enough icebox place is quite a typical problem for several party-throwers, specially that it’s not something it is possible to get for one-day use. You can’t also keep it after the party as well, and watch for the following event to bring it out again.

That makes a temporary ice box employ perfect for your parties and several other short-term use.

How short-term fridge rentals could help you

First of all, short-term fridge hire companies can enable you to borrow a drink icebox for just a small time. Unlike having a refrigerator on a lease, such type of rental services will allow you to truly have a ice box for less than monthly, or even only a day.

If you’d employ freezer for your drinks on such phrases, the service provider will supply the refrigerator on your own event place and keep it for you yourself to use in your party. After the agreed amount of time, they’ll contain it back, ergo helping you avoid concerns of storage and maintenance.

Irrespective of time convenience in having a fridge only if you want it, such refrigerator rental support is also much economical than normal terms. All things considered, you only have to pay for a few days of renting the ice box, instead of investing in a lease. Visit Cold Display Solutions to learn more.

Why specifically hire a secondhand drink fridge

If you’re willing to hire a ice box for your party, a second-hand beverages refrigerator is actually a greater alternative for you to choose. Irrespective of short-term rentals being more affordable, having secondhand fridge could move the purchase price actually lower.

All things considered, you only have to obtain a reliable refrigerator that can keep your beverages cold throughout your occasion, aside from it being brand-new or not.

Rent from a reliable cold storage provider

Thing is, you will need to choose a trusted cool storage service if you choose to employ a second hand drinks fridge. That is for you to make certain of having an operating ice box, which won’t give you any complications as you have fun.

That could definitely let you’ve a great way to obtain cool beverages for everyone in your party.

Consider choosing trusted solutions that have a great deal of positive feedback on the website. Furthermore, it won’t hurt if you’d do some double-check on the refrigerator before paying for it.

You can also merely visit for good offers of freezer place for book in Australia. Begin to see the offers they have and avail one that is perfect for your activities or parties.