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6 Things to consider in buying a Halloween Costume for Your Dogs

It’s exciting to find halloween dog costumes before November starts. However, there are things we need to consider in picking up the best Halloween costume for our dogs.

halloween dog costumes

  1. Get them ready – Dog’s, in general, are not used to wearing costumes. The best way you can get them ready is by letting them prepare gradually. To start, you may use a simple cotton shirt, when they get used to it, add on some scarf until they can bear wearing an entire costume.
  2. Ensure Safety – According to Dr. Marty Becker, a veterinarian, he has seen not just dogs but cats encountering accidents because of their costumes. He’d seen how a cat’s tail was set on fire by just wearing a jack-o’-lantern costume and a dog who felt an excruciating stomach pain due to a massive ingestion of everything inside a trick or treat box.

You don’t want these accidents to happen. Make sure that to eliminate the following:

  • Unnecessary buttons – Buttons that can be reached by the dog’s mouth
  • Excessive Fabrics – These extra fabrics can cause to light a fire, it’s better to cut them off when not needed.
  • Sharp objects – Objects that can harm your dogs should be eliminated.
  1. Comfortable yet spooky costumes – Many halloween dog costumes can offer comfort without compromising its style. Considering you have a small dog, such as Pomeranian or Yorkshire Terrier, you wanted to buy the best small Halloween costumes for your pumpkin, this won’t be a problem if you visit, they have a variety of comfortable and creepiest Halloween costumes to choose from. You may choose from the smallest to largest dog costumes, it’s available.
  2. Find inspiration online – You can find inspiration for small and big dog Halloween costumes online. You may search for some costume guides from Pinterest depending on what suits your dog – A vampire, superman, incredible hulk, scarecrow inspired are just some inspiration to choose from. Check it out at Bitch New York
  3. Mobility and visibility – You don’t want to see your dog all wrapped up with white clothing to look like a “mummy” just to be part of the best small dog Halloween costumes at the party.

Let’s consider the following to ensure appropriate mobility and visibility:

  • Avoid tight costumes – You want to make your dog breathe and be happy with a free spirit, let them play around by avoiding tight costumes. A perfect costume should suit their size.
  • Avoid overdressing – Overdressing will keep them away from your visibility. It should always be simple yet classy.
  • Avoid textile that’s not Veterinarian approved – Beginning from small to large dog costumes for Halloween, you should always check your vet’s approval when choosing a textile that suits your dog’s style and health. Some dogs are allergic to some textiles. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  1. Themes are still in – Yes, if you want to be twinning with your dogs, themed costumes are what you’re looking for, consider the following:
  • Dora the Explorer and Boots
  • Ariel and Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)
  • Doctor and nurse (Hospital)
  • Beauty and the Beast

Let your dogs enjoy this coming Halloween party. You may visit for more unique and high-quality halloween dog costumes for your lovely dogs.