6 Surprising Ways to Utilise Carport and Garage Spaces

Carport builders Townsville companies believe that cars should be protected from rain and snow. That’s why aside from carports, they also build garages and shed. But, did you know that you carports, parking, and sheds can serve different purposes?

If you think that garages and carports are just for cars, then here are six amazing ways on how to utilise these spaces:

Selling food and drinks

During the summer, temperatures can rise dramatically. A cup of lemonade can be an excellent thirst quencher to beat the summer heat.

If you have a carport, you can put up a small lemonade stand. The residents will surely love to have a cup of lemonade. You may add other food products as well like cookies, chocolate bars, and even cupcakes.

Apart from using idle carport space, you can as well earn money from it.

Garage sale

Some people will only put up garage sales if they’re moving out. But, you can revamp the idea of a garage sale and make it a long-term business venture.

If you have old toys, clothes, and stuff that you want to sell, a garage sale is a good way to declutter unnecessary things in the house. Moreover, you can turn a garage sale into a speciality store that sells items that are not typically found in your territory.

Small outdoor gatherings

Do you want to reunite with friends? Well, drinking beer under a carport can be a cool meeting place. You may set up chairs and tables and a small barbecue grill on the side.

For moms, they can call their friends for coffee or tea under the carport shade. That would be a good afternoon chat or reunion.

Playground for kids

When carport builders Townsville firms build carports, you may request to have a separate carport or have one that is attached to the garage.

In any other way, you can set up a small playground for kids under the carport’s shade. If it’s summer, buy an inflatable swimming pool and let the kids play in the pool.

Mini music studio

For music enthusiasts, garages are the best place to start a hobby in music. Soundproof the walls and put some cool lighting.

However, don’t forget the music equipment. To efficiently use the space, make a floor plan. For small equipment like wires and microphones, build shelves to save floor space and place them in a plastic bin.

Putting a cupboard or building a wall cabinet is also a good way to use idle wall space.

Art workshop

For painters and artists, a shed or a garage is the best place to make and to experiment art. They can have the whole garage for them as their creative space.

To make the garage a good place to do art, make sure that the whole area is well-lit. Aside from proper lighting, buy large drawing tables instead of normal tables.

For chairs, normal chairs or office chairs are enough. However, you may choose speciality chairs as well.

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